Official Board

The Official Board is made up of the Pastor, Associate Pastor, Clerk, Treasurer, the Director of Christian Education and a chairperson from all other boards. This board helps the church body envision its total program, nominates a Pulpit Committee when pulpit vacancies occur and resolve any complaints, conflicts, problems or disturbances within the life of the congregation.

The official board would like to Thank our past President Jack Clark for his hard work and dedication during his terms as President and would like to Thank Kim Chappell, our newly appointed President, for her willingness to serve our congregation. Marianna Nelson has agreed to continue as the Clerk and Pat Stressman has agreed to continue as Secretary & Treasurer. The volunteers from you congregation are the foundation behind serving our community and our ultimate goal of bring the word of God to all who will listen, remember God is Still Speaking.


For more information see the annual report below.

Official Board Annual Report 2013

official board 2014